Initial Test Results

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The wind turbine has been up for a few weeks now and the initial results look quite promising.

To begin with. The basic blades are being used untill I get time to make up a set of foam/fibreglass blades. I managed to find another 12V battery, to allow for testing at 12V and 24V. I started out with the 12V setup and later connected the second battery for 24V. The airgap in the alternator is quite large at the minute and can be reduced to provide more power.

It was obvious early on that the 24V setup was producing a lot more power than the 12V setup, so I decided to leave everything connected for 24V.

The best output seen so far @ 24V is 260 Watts. It seems like the basic blades are quite slow and the new ones should make some improvement. The wind has been mostly from the south west, and is about the worst direction for where the turbine is situated. A couple of trees block most of the wind and create some turbulance, so the turbine charges the battery in fits and starts when it catches a good gust. On the one day that the wind swung round to the north, the turbine was charging steadily for most of the day, on a very light wind.

First impresions are that the stator coils may benefit from having fewer turns, as I close the airgap the cut-in speed willl go down. Currently the only way to compensate for that, is to wire the alternator in "Delta" configuration.

I'm going to leave the turbine up untill I've made the new blades. Then it will come down, have a few alterations made and be put back up for more testing. I need to drill the threaded stud holes in the hub slightly bigger. The 12mm studs are threaded into the hub, but they are not dead square, which makes adjusting the airgap almost impossible as the studs are forced sideways against the mounting holes on the magnet rotors. I will drill the threads out of the holes and use a nut on both sides of the hub to hold the alternator on.

I did take some video, but it was getting dark and it didn't come out too well. I will try to get some better footage to post here on a bright and breezy day.

A Video is now done. Get it here.

I now have a small inverter connected to the system and it's powering a couple of CF Light bulbs and a radio quite happily. It's nice to be able to now use the power captured from the wind.

VECTOR VEC 049 1000-Watt Power Inverter

Another first for me, is that all pictures that now appear on the site will be taken with wind power. I charge my 2400mah camera batteries from the inverter using a 15 min sprint charger.


 Wind powered CFL
Wind powered