The latest news as of 12 April 2007

Because the wind is not constant, there are times when you could do with some extra power, for just keeping the batteries fresh and topped up. With this in mind we bought a couple of solar panels. These are rated at 12 Volts each, so two were required to reach the 24 Volts we were already running for the wind system. Thet weren't very expensive and kick out about 40 Watts in direct sunlight, and lower figures in ambient light. They will still charge the batteries on a cloudy day, just not as fast. solar wind
Having the addition of Solar panels means that lately, we have been generating more electricity than we can use. Especially as the winter months have been quite bright, and accompanied by strong winds. The 300 Watt inverter is limiting what we can use from the batteries. It has been running all the outdoor Christmas lights, workshop lights, and endless camera battery charging sessions. The next step is to get a bigger inverter. Around 1500 Watts, like the one pictured. inverter
The plan is to use the larger inverter to run small power tools, such as drills, a jigsaw and a small router etc.... Although these tools draw quite a lot of power from the batteries, they are only used in short bursts, unlike the radio and lights that are a constant drain. To be on the safe side we're looking at extra battery storage capacity. The one's pictured came up for sale, and I'm looking into purchasing a few of them. Still undecided as yet. battery
The photo's on this site are now powed by wind and solar electricity alone. :-)