The latest news as of 12 April 2007

It's been over a year now that the wind turbine has been up and running. It's had a few adjustments to try and maximise the power output. Initially the air gap in the alternator was bigger than I would have liked, but a good gust of wind would take it up to around 300 Watts. Not bad considering it's location, and rough blade design. The air gap was closed slightly, and the turbine now produces fewer Amps but for more of the time, mostly due to the cutin speed being lower. This seems to result in more overall power going into the batteries. Larger blades would yeild a lot more power, but the wind turbine's location means the blades can't be made too much bigger.

The photo's on this site are still powed by wind electricity alone. :-)


I purchased and electronic power meter to get some idea of how much power was being used practically by the system. Only having a 300 Watt inverter limits us to the type of stuff we can plug in. At the minute, a radio, 2 compact flourecent bulbs, and various batteries are being charged from the wind generated power. Once I've clooected some data from the new meter I'll post the results, so you can see how much power we're actually using from the system. batteries
The power meter had only just been set up and plugged in for a day, before writing this page. It's quite a useful little unit, adding up energy cost used, Kwh used, Max AMPs, current Amps, voltage/frequecny and other goodies too. Also the charge controller I built is still running well, although the Amp reading is still not too reliable. Though that's not a fault of the circuit. My Ferrite ring broke. ;-) lcd screen
A few pictures of the EM power meter readouts.  
energy cost .... max watts cfl light
watts current .... voltage frequency radio
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