Welcome to "Build a wind turbine"..... Mk II.

Well....Here I go again..... I learnt some important lessons building the Mk1 wind turbine. So now I'm back with the MkII wind turbine, hopefully avoiding the mistakes I made with the Mk1. I'm taking a different approach with this one. I'll be using as many "ready made" parts as I can, to cut down on the amount of work. No wood in this one, except for the blades. Erm.... Change of plans again. I hope to build the blades from foam covered with fibreglass and resin. That should be good fun....


Breaking news...

Building of the Mk-III has begun. www.this-project.com


Winds of change. The wind turbine came down in high winds last night. I've not had a chance to check the damage yet, but it looked fairly well buried into the ground. The following pages could either be about repairing Mk2, or the birth of Mk3.....

Turbine performance update and some solar panels have been added to the system

I've made more progress on the charge controller. It's now connected to the system, but only displays battery voltage at present. I still have more bits to build to make it fully functional.
All pictures for this site are now taken using batteries charged by the wind turbine and solar panels. :-)
A blade machining page is now on the site.
There have been some changes made to the charge controller over at www.thebackshed.com So I've produced a new PCB on the CNC machine. See the latest here. There's also some video footage of the PCB being milled and drilled here.
Alternator Assembly
Charge Controller
Rear Magnet Rotor
Blade CAD Design