The building of a charge controller.




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I found that the charge controller over at had been updated, so I made a new PCB to accomodate the new additions. I had not got around to soldering the components onto the original board I'd made, so producing a new PCB was no big deal.

The PCB was made on my home built CNC router. I took some video footage of it in action. 11 Mb (.wmv). Click here for the video.

This time I must get around to actually putting it together.


Soldering the components to the board was pretty straight forward and programming the PICaxe went smoothly. I powered the board up to be greeted with black squares on the LCD. It turns out that after much messing about, the LCD module was a dud. This was swapped out and the new display was showing the correct text. Although I have not built the current sensing, or high current switching parts yet. I connected the controller to the system and it happily displays the running battery voltage.

All wiring is temporary for now, untill all the bits left to do are attached and working.


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PCB. CNC style


The Populated Board.