These pages will describe the build process.

Firstly a few notes about the type of wind turbine I want to build. This wind turbine will be based around the front strut assembly from a car. The strut cost me £5.00 from a breakers yard. These are ideal for building wind turbines as they have all the ingredients for a nice sturdy machine. There's quite a few people using these for wind turbines and they seem to be holding up very well.

I called in a favour owed by a friend, who managed to get hold of 2 * 10" steel discs for me, (cheers Stu). These will be the two magnet rotors. I also purchased some Neodymium (Neo, NIB, NdFeB or rare earth) magnets. These a 1" * 1" * 1/8" thick. I plan on double stacking the magnets to make them 1/4" thick. This will be a dual rotor alternator with 12 magnetic poles on each disc. (24, double stacked). The stator will be wired 3 phase (star) and will be made up of 9 coils. I'm not sure on the number of turns of wire in each coil just yet. Once the magnet rotors are done, I can make some test coils to determine a good size. I'm aiming for 12 Volts at ~140RPM. I'm planning on using the blades from the Mk1 wind turbine to get started with. Later on I can CNC cut some larger blades with a proper airfoil profile.

I've made a start on drilling out the steel discs to fit the hub of the strut assembly. I step drilled the 4 fixing holes untill I reached 11.5mm diameter. I then finished up to 12mm with a reamer for a nice snug fit with the M12 threaded rod I'll be using to hold the whole thing together. Once I was happy that the holes in the discs lined up with those in the hub, I cut out the 70mm hole in the centre of the disc to allow it to fit over the hub. For this I used a cheap 70mm hole saw. I had to use the cutter in a hand drill as the distance between the column and spindle on my drill press was about 3mm too small to reach the centre of the disc...... Typical.

With both discs drilled it was too tempting not to assemble them onto the hub, just toseehow it looked. So I cut some stainless 12mm threaded rod and put the bits together.